[zeromq-dev] Considering zeromq for project at Microsoft but have some questions on throughput behavior

Christian Martinez chmar at microsoft.com
Wed May 11 18:38:12 CEST 2011

While the latency tests using the c# bindings appear consistent on my laptop (around 300 [us]) the throughput tests have a fairly large drop off when # of messages are increased.

C:\software\zeromq-clrzmq2-f420936\local_thr\bin\Release>local_thr.exe tcp://*:5555 120 30000
Your average throughput is 304081 [msg/s]
Your average throughput is 291 [Mb/s]

C:\software\zeromq-clrzmq2-f420936\local_thr\bin\Release>local_thr.exe tcp://*:5555 120 50000
Your average throughput is 9654 [msg/s]
Your average throughput is 9 [Mb/s]

Are there switches or args I should pass to make this more consistent?


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