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Andrew Hume andrew at research.att.com
Mon May 9 08:33:40 CEST 2011

again, this would be easy to diagnose if only there were a plausible
(if not completely accurate) way to determine the number of queued messages.

On May 8, 2011, at 11:26 PM, Martin Sustrik wrote:

> Hi Blair,
>> On 9 May 2011 15:40, Martin Sustrik<sustrik at 250bpm.com>  wrote:
>>> It should be acknowledged though that OOMs are easier to debug than
>>> deadlocks. However, debugging is not exactly newbie activity. It's
>>> likely to be performed by more experienced users which should be aware
>>> of an option of setting HWM to infinity to induce OOMs.
>>> Thoughts?
>> An experienced programmer coming to 0MQ is likely to attempt their own
>> debugging, so what do you mean by newbie?
> A new person trying the simplest possible use case. Publish messages in 
> a loop: Oh my, it's out of memory! Let's switch to some more reasonable 
> messaging system!
>> +1 for Pieter's context config option. I think I agree having a
>> default HWM would be good, however, only if HWM events are easily
>> exposed.
> The context options are a different issue. They are completely 
> orthogonal to what the default for HWM should be. Let's discuss them in 
> a separate thread.
>> As an aside, any idea of the 0MQ behaviour under flooding with no HWM
>> but sane kernel virtual memory settings (i.e.,
>> /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory=2)...?
> Sorry, no experience, however, when publisher is publishing faster than 
> receiver is receiving the size of the queue grows without limit. In such 
> case no tuning is going to help.
> Martin
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