[zeromq-dev] Subscriber reconnection BUG after suddenly device turned off

Berasategui Velasco, Asier asier.berasategui at tecnalia.com
Mon May 2 12:24:58 CEST 2011


I have some problems with Subscriber connexion in my communication app.
I have a subscriber subscribed to some different publisher.
I am testing my app communication with some stress test and ZMQ woks fine in, reconnecting successfully request - response and publisher - subscriber, except in one case (suppose that I have a Subscriber app in a PC and Publisher app in other PC):

  *   when I cut the device (in which a Publisher is running) current (this causes a power failure)

With power failure the device is suddenly turned off. Then when I restart the device and run again the Publisher, the other side Subscriber (which has not stopped) can not get more events form Publisher.

Subscriber is running with s_recv BLOCKING function.

I do not if it is a ZMQ BUG or is a normal ZMQ behavior.
I have an idea to become subscriber in a NON BLOCKING subscriber using s_recv NON BLOCKING function. In this way I could get some error code and reconnect subscriber if it comes down.

If some can give me some advice or solution to this problem I would be very grateful.


Asier Berasategui

Unidad de Sistemas Industriales - Departamento de Control y TIC

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