[zeromq-dev] Buzzwords

Daniel Truemper truemped at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 25 20:14:25 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have just received notice that my submitted talk about ZeroMQ at the 
Berlin Buzzwords[1] has been accepted. It is entitled "Advanced Routing 
Patterns in ZeroMQ", a bit cryptic but I could not come up with a better 
one! It will cover an introduction to ZeroMQ and the basic messaging 
patterns and finish with the asynchronous request reply pattern used in 

About myself: I am living and working in Berlin. Pieter's talk on ZeroMQ 
last year at the Buzzwords conference arose my curiosity. With a change 
of the employer, I have finally been able to work with ZeroMQ. For the 
past three months now I have developed a Crawler in Python using Tornado 
and ZeroMQ. We are currently using it for a small customer, since there 
still are many pieces missing, namely documentation. Once I have 
finished this, it will appear on Github (so hopefully very soon). So far 
my experience with ZeroMQ is pure "awesomeness"! I really, really like 
it and thank you all for the great work!

So much on myself, hope to see some of you at the conference!


[1]: http://berlinbuzzwords.de/

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