[zeromq-dev] HTTP Protocol is Supported

Robert G. Jakabosky bobby at sharedrealm.com
Sat Mar 19 08:44:52 CET 2011

On Friday 18, Вячеслав Мурашкин wrote:
> Here are changes to support HTTP protocol while transferring messages throw
> the TCP socket.
> https://github.com/zeromq/zeromq2-1/pull/12
> I've added http_socket_t class which is derived from tcp_socket_t.
> For now zmq_engine_t creates desired socket instance depending on
> options_t::proto value.
> Class http_socket_t simply adds HTTP header before message transfer and
> removes header from incoming data.
> Please fill free to ask any questions.

Both sides of a connection are sending messages as HTTP POST requests, neither 
side is responding with a valid HTTP response.  Also the HTTP headers are 
terminated with two blank lines instead of one.

Wouldn't it be easier to create a 0MQ<->HTTP gateway device?

Robert G. Jakabosky

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