[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] ZMQ_NOT_LIBRARY option: when use ZMQ source code in other projects not as a library.

Martin Lucina mato at kotelna.sk
Tue Mar 15 15:28:58 CET 2011

Martin Sustrik asked me to review this patch so here goes...

> Having experience with Win32, I think I know what Ion wants with his patch: the
> ability to compile and use 0MQ as a DLL or a static library:

Yes, that appears to be the point of this patch.

Ion, your patch has a few problems:

1) The define to toggle a static build is not meaningful. Rather than
ZMQ_NOT_LIBRARY, use something like ZMQ_STATIC (or even ZMQ_STATIC_WIN32
since ZMQ_STATIC seems a bit too generic identifier).

2) Why are you turning off extern "C" for the API declarations when
ZMQ_STATIC is selected? This is almost certainly a bad thing since you do
not want C++ linkage for the API functions.

3) You should also provide a patch to integrate ZMQ_STATIC as an option
into the MSVC build somehow if this is possible.


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