[zeromq-dev] C++-Guide: Updates and added suisnail translation

Hoelzlwimmer Andreas Andreas.Hoelzlwimmer at fh-hagenberg.at
Wed Mar 9 14:44:48 CET 2011


Got some (hopefully helpful) changes for the C++ version of the guide. They're all tested, I hope I didn't miss anything.

General: "std::string * s_recv()" -> "std::string s_recv()" + update in all uses
General: moved nanosleep as s_sleep(int ms) to zhelpers.hpp as seen in zhelpers.h
General: moved s_clock() to zhelpers.h as seen in zhelpers.h
lruqueue.cpp changing worker_queue from std::string*[] to std::queue<std::string>
suisnail.cpp C++ translation

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