[zeromq-dev] 0MQ stable release 2.1 (v2.1.2, rc2) released

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Mon Mar 7 05:24:41 CET 2011

On 6 March 2011 17:36, Pieter Hintjens <ph at imatix.com> wrote:

> This 2.1 release candidate is considered highly stable especially over
> 2.0.10. We recommend you use this release for all 0MQ projects where
> possible. It fixes several memory leaks since rc1, and OpenPGM should
> be working properly again.
I'd note that there is a 5.0.93 package available and I recently sent a
5.0.94 commit to the 5.0 branch backporting various fixes for Windows
64-bit, SPARC and C++ applications.

When targeting 5.1.110 it looks like I broke Win64 again when ticket locks
are enabled, hopefully someone with MASM64 experience can verify my patches.
 Alternative is just to use adaptive mutexes and slim read-write locks and
disable the ticket & dumb read-write lock headers.

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