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	i'm not sure i followed all your examples, but i detected a general meme which others
have complained of in the past. i admit to being sensitised to this issue because i have worked
in this area for over a decade now.

	the meme is that of conflating message routing with job scheduling. at least, this is what
it seems to me. routing messages (fair share, load balanced, or whatever) is fundamentally a different
thing than job scheduling. routing is all about asymptotic properties and is clearly aimed at the
large number of smallish things case. thus, the issues of buffer-induced latency and starvation
don't arise unless you stray from this niche.

	on the other hand, job scheduling (outside the large number of cheap jobs niche) is
a field of study in itself, but because the greedy heuristic works very well in most cases,
it is well served by the simple use of workers asking a central dispatcher for a few jobs at a time.

	i think this meme is quite common; nearly all instances of complaints about 0mq's
scheduling and buffering, slow joiners and the like, are examples of this -- we want 0mq
to trivially do job scheduling for us as well as all the other stuff. maybe pieter should add a
section to the guide discussing this issue and how generically one might deal with it.


On Jun 24, 2011, at 9:11 AM, Henry Baragar wrote:

> I have followed the 0MQ mailing list for about a year, experimented with 0MQ and contributed to the 0MQ adaptor for plack.  I like many of the features of 0MQ, including asynchronous I/O, multi-language support, fan-out/fan-in connections and end-point connection syntax.  But there are a number of things that I find frustrating and that hinder my use of 0MQ for more applications, including:

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