[zeromq-dev] Video streaming (?)

Gary Strangman gary.strangman at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 21:51:19 CEST 2011

Hi again,

I have a(nother) use-case where video data (up to full 1080p) data will be
acquired by one computer, and needs to be (1) distributed in more-or-less
real time to one or more clients computers (perhaps using pub/sub?), as well
as (2) being simultaneously archived in a database. I've read various things
about how to handle streaming video using 0MQ, and they've ranged the gamut
... from 0MQ being a "stunningly poor choice":

to an actual example on the 0MQ site of doing something related

Unfortunately, the videoconferencing example is tagged as Deprecated, while
not indicating what aspect has changed or been made obsolete. To a NOOB like
myself, it would seem that the video would need to be chopped into
"reasonable" chunks by my application, each chunk sent as a message (as well
as archived), and then the clients reassemble Humpty Dumpty's video,
potentially dealing with the issue of pieces arriving out of order. (These
lower-level details are not described in the videoconferencing example.) I
have a feeling, however, that this is not the right approach at all. Any
pointers or recommendations would be appreciated.

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