[zeromq-dev] PUB/SUB on an epgm socket ... and CPU usage?

Steven McCoy steven.mccoy at miru.hk
Sat Jun 11 00:00:08 CEST 2011

On 10 June 2011 16:10, Ladan Gharai <lgharai at gmail.com> wrote:

> But it seems even more of our loss problems were related to having set
>> ZMQ_RATE to a rather high number (initially 950Mbps and then 500Mbps) - I
>> have now reduced it to 100Mbps. I am now seeing the following behaviors:
>    1. If I do send 100Mbps the receiver actually sees ~90Mbps. Is  10% the
>    % allocated for  SPM/SPMR/RDATA/....?
It is configurable, but by default in 0MQ now the data rate is for original
data only, other packet types, i.e. repairs are not included.

>    1. If I send 100 or say 90 Mbps CPU usage goes up to 100%! and with
>    50Mbps it is around 50% ... is this normal?
> It is indicating some form of data loss or severe packet re-ordering.  When
the receiver state engine is engaged high resolution timers are used to
migrate between different states, the side effects of high resolution timers
may be bogus CPU time reporting.  Also, on Windows it has been shown that
using a strict rate limiter does significantly improve overall system

However also of note that pushing 0MQ + PGM at full speed is not always
recommended as if your application is feeding 0MQ faster than PGM is
draining you are going to have a massive memory drain and message churn
inside 0MQ.  The solution is to implement a coarse grained limiter inside
your own application, you don't want a fine grain limiter as they are quite
expensive to run.

It is certainly worth further investigation, from the hardware and through
the operating system and the PGM protocol timings.  Try running Wireshark
and compare the levels of ODATA, RDATA, and NAK packet usage.  If you are
feeling adventurous you can extend 0MQ with coverage of the statistics
available inside OpenPGM, they've been there since version 1.0:


>    1.
>       - this does not seem to happen with the ZMQ ipc or tcp sockets - but
>       then those transports are not effected by ZMQ_RATE either
Correct, only PGM.  The implementation is to help reduce problems with
handling data loss when transmitting a saturating payload.

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