[zeromq-dev] new user question on ZeroMQ Pub Sub

Marc Ilgen marc at westofpluto.com
Fri Jun 10 01:05:51 CEST 2011

Hi All

I'm looking at ZeroMQ for a particular application and it looks terrific.
However, I have some quick (newbie) questions:


My app is a publish/subscribe client server app. Basically the master
process operates on Computer 1 and every so often (asynchronously) sends out
information to some number (say 1-100) slave processes each running on their
own computers, Computer 2, 3,4 etc. This looks like a standard Pub Sub model
where one publisher has to publish new data to some number of data
subscribers. The publishing frequency is not that high, say a few times a
day, again at unpredictable times, but the subscribers must receive and
react to this information as quickly as possible. Think online stock trading
app and you get the idea.


I understand that each client/slave must connect to the master at the known
master's IP address/port (eg tcp:// But is it also the
case that the master/server must also bind to the client at the client's IP
address/port? Suppose the client computer is someone's home PC behind a
firewall on a DSL connection without a fixed IP. How can I set up and use
ZeroMQ such that a client can just register an interest in receiving
messages from a server but the server does not have to always know the IP
address of every client that issues such requests? Or is this even possible
- perhaps to use ZeroMQ both sides must always know the IP address of the
other side? If this app runs in real time continuously and perpetually, must
I always leave this socket open? How can the receiving socket (the
slave/client) tell if the socket connection has died for whatever reason and
try to establish a new one?


Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.



Marc Ilgen

marc at westofpluto.com


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