[zeromq-dev] Ten minute talk on #zeromq - tips

Gregg Irwin gregg at pointillistic.com
Wed Jun 8 19:00:20 CEST 2011

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for the 10-minute-talk notes.

Third paragraph, odd phrase: "you can say exactly thing"

When explaining any tech product in summary, I tend to split my
comments into facts and opinions; facts being bullet points, not
always provable, and targeted at techs. I lump those together either
at the beginning or end, depending on the audience. For example:

* It's free and open source. The license is LGPL.

* It grew out of lessons learned from AMQP and OpenAMQ; the brains at
  iMatix being at the core of both.

* There are language bindings for about 20 languages, including C/C++,
  Java, Python, Ruby, .NET, Javascript, and more. (include languages
  you know they may care about in this list)

* It's a library not a daemon. If AMQP is Oracle, 0MQ is SQLite.

* It's small (one 150K DLL on Windows), simple (only about 20 API
  calls), and designed for robustness and performance.

* Imagine smart sockets that support pub-sub, pipeline, and
  request-reply messaging patterns, and atomic multipart message

That part generally takes about 30 seconds. Then I do the narrative
part, explaining the operations and business case, and how it compares
to alternatives. If I'm talking just to techs, we stick with the
details and I show examples.

So far, I've only had to explain 0MQ once and my demos were pretty
much right out of the guide, with pub-sub+proxy, req-rep+broker, and
parallel pipeline, showing what happens when one component stops or

-- Gregg

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