[zeromq-dev] Queue device slows down when there is a worker with high latency

Seref Arikan serefarikan at kurumsalteknoloji.com
Mon Jun 6 17:57:18 CEST 2011

I've been having a lot of fun playing with the queue device, but when
I test it with two machines. I'm having a performance problem.
The default behavior seems to wait for each call to a worker component
to complete. So I'm running the client, load balancer and one worker
process in one machine, and another worker machine on another machine.

When the second worker on the other machine is executed, the overall
speed falls drastically. It appears as if the balancer is waiting for
the reply from the remote machine to assign the next request to the
component running in the local machine.
If I kill the remote worker process, the whole operation is blocked.

The queue device seems to accept only req and distribute work to rep,
so should I use this mechanism only when I have high speed workers?

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