[zeromq-dev] AOSA book

Fabien Niñoles fabien.ninoles at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 14:04:50 CEST 2011

Hi Pieter,

> A question here, and this is to everyone on the list. We have two ways
> to present "ZeroMQ" with respect to AOSA. There are two architectures
> here. One, the technical construction of libzmq. Two is the
> construction of the ZeroMQ community as an overall open source project
> (i.e. how we built an open source project that successfully attracted
> contributors). I'd personally be happy to explain the second
> architecture.

I think the best chapter I read until now address both aspect.  The
BDB chapter is a very good example as such, as well as the Eclipse
chapter.  For me, libzmq is remarkable for two basic architectural
aspect:  The broker less, simple API design, which is the most
"communal" aspect of it and quite revolutionnary by itself ( what if
ffmpeg or gstreamer would have strive to reach the same goal ?  That
would have been awesome ! ).  The other is the multithread/lock-free
architecture, which is quite an achievement by itself and reserve a
small section by itself.  The termination process, the future plugin
architecture for device and the SP standardization also worth some
mentions at least.

Brief, I think the audience for this book await for some technical
stuff, but I clearly agree with you that the open source nature of the
project is a major influence to it.


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