[zeromq-dev] zeromq-3 and java bindings

gonzalo diethelm gdiethelm at dcv.cl
Tue Jul 26 16:11:37 CEST 2011

> > It's time to update jzmq I guess :)

[I am the Java binding maintainer.]

> I've just checked and it seems that jzmq already had 3.0 support. I've
> tried to compile it and the compilation have passed without problems.

We have always tried to have a single Java binding that supports all versions of 0MQ, through judicious use of the 0MQ version information (both at compile- and run-time).

I have not done much lately with the binding, so there may be a few corner cases that don't work; if this is the case, patches (or even specific error reports) are welcome.

Gonzalo Diethelm

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