[zeromq-dev] porting to VxWorks

martin burtscher buma at fhv.at
Tue Jul 26 10:34:17 CEST 2011

nasa.gov> writes:

> I’ve done some searching but can’t find anyone who has ported zmq to VxWorks.
I’d like to take on that challenge, however does anyone have any advice on where
to start? Right now, I’ve just found a lot of links to gnu tools for cross
compiling. Has anyone documented their port to another OS so I can follow along
and attempt to replicate?
> J.D.
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Hello John,

i've already ported ZMQ (latest ported version: 2.0.10) to VxWorks.
At least for VxWorks 6.1 (which should also work for newer versions, but not for
older). I just used the ZMQ source code tried to compile and fixed the errors
with #defines.

Hint: Use ZMQ_HAVE_OPENVMS. There are some similarities.

If you want further Information, don't hessitate to contact me :)


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