[zeromq-dev] Question about epoll

BELLUS Stefan Stefan.Bellus at frequentis.com
Tue Jul 12 13:53:19 CEST 2011

Perfect Martin,

It is working now. Thank you a lot.

I want to show your nice library in our firm. I want to show how can we use it and of course performance.
I want to compare our implementation of socket (based on linux socket) with our library.

There is no server/client architecture in our system. Each node have to communicate with other bidirectional.
When node A receives request from outside world (in this case it is server for outside world) it calculates destination node and have to start bidirectional communication (=it send request and wants to receive reply, and also it receives request and has to send reply). Each node can communicate with other node.

Is it possible to use zeroMQ for such architecture?


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On 07/12/2011 12:27 PM, BELLUS Stefan wrote:

> I want to try 0mq on our embedded devices (powerpc) with linux
> I guess this version doesn't support epoll.
> I cross compile 0mq and I run './local_lat tcp:eth0:5555 1 100000' I 
> get following print out Function not implemented epoll_fd != -1 
> (epoll.cpp:41) Aborted

Yes. Looks like epoll is not supported by the OS. Interesting.

> Did I compile it wrong? Is it possible to use 0mq without epoll?

Yes. Just define ZMQ_FORCE_POLL.



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