[zeromq-dev] Middleware du jour

Len Holgate len.holgate at jetbyte.com
Mon Jul 11 15:28:10 CEST 2011

Steven McCoy <steven.mccoy <at> miru.hk> writes:

> It is unfortunately not so good, along with the authors spelling.  Not quite as
> bad as http://www.serverframework.com though.  Both follow the pattern of
> including IOCP as a buzzword and not as a solution to a performance problem.

So, Steven, what is it exactly that you think I'm doing wrong with
http://www.serverframework.com and why don't you think it's a solution to a
performance problem?

I've been working with IOCP clients and servers for over 10 years and, well, it's
been proving solutions to performance problems to me and my clients so I'm not
quite sure what to make of your comments. 


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