[zeromq-dev] Theoretical whitepaper on 0MQ

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Jul 8 09:53:50 CEST 2011

On 07/06/2011 12:32 PM, Artur Brugeman wrote:

> There is one sentence that confuses me, at the top of "Design
> Principles" appendix.
> It says: "Note that the tests apply to end-to-end layer, not to
> hop-by-hop layer."
> After that it mentions principles inherent to hop-by-hop layer (IP).
> So, am I getting it totally wrong, or is there a misprint?

What I mean was that on the hop-by-hop layer you can do things that 
actually break these principles, such as addressing a specific peer 
using XREP/ROUTER socket.

However, you are right the sentence is confusing. I'll remove it from 
the text.


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