[zeromq-dev] push to multiple pull sockets

Nathan Marz nathan.marz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 02:15:16 CET 2011

I asked about this on irc, but I'd like to get more information on this. In
the system I'm building, I need to push messages to multiple workers. The
sender knows who all the receivers are, but push sockets only support
load-balancing and not pushing to all the receivers.

I was told I should use pub/sub for this functionality, but this seems
needlessly complex if I want to ensure no messages lost as it requires a
synchronization step. The system I'm building has fault-tolerance built at
the software layer, so publishers/receivers can change over time as machines
go down and tasks get reassigned. Synchronizing new publishers and receivers
mid-processing is not desirable.

Are there technical reasons why multicasting from a push socket to multiple
pull sockets is not desirable? Alternatively, are there any major drawbacks
to having the sender open up a separate push socket to each receiver?


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