[zeromq-dev] cross-compileing zeroMQ

dboggan dboggan at icehouse.net
Fri Jan 28 16:55:16 CET 2011


I spent yesterday trying to cross-compile zeroMQ for an ARM9 board. The 
development host is a Fedora 10 installation. I have cross-compiled other 
projects but this particular one has me stymied.

The configure script looks for libuuid and doesn't find one and instructs me 
to install uuid-devel. Since I am cross compiling, I looked for source for 
uuid-devel. I finally found it and attempted to cross-compile it. The 
configure script bails out with a message that since it can't test va_copy, it 
was done. So I hacked the script and got that built. Then I went back to 
zeroMQ and pointed it at the newly built uuid library and it seemed happy and 

Then when I compile the zeroMQ project, it fails at the link phase with "uuid-
unparse" and "uuid_generate" ,..., undefined. Neither of these functions are 
in the downloaded uuid code.

Since others have done this, any tips of what I need to do to build zeroMQ for 
a ARM9 board?

Don Boggan

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