[zeromq-dev] UDP Recv Buffer Sizes for OpenPGM/ZeroMQ

Bob Beaty drbobbeaty at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 23:24:37 CET 2011

  I got a question from a user of my library based on the ZMQ/OpenPGM, and I didn't have an answer. Since it's very specific about OpenPGM, I thought I'd ask you. Or anyone else that might be able to answer.
  She is seeing the UDP receive buffers build to 128kB and then never empty. She is getting messages, but with the buffer full, she's concerned that she's dropping messages. While I haven't looked at the code, I'm guessing that OpenPGM will give me some exception if I have unrecoverable data loss, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
  If you could set her (and therefore my) mind at ease with the explanation of why the receive buffer doesn't empty, I'd appreciate it. If it should empty, then I'll ask her to look at her hardware/OS setup as I don't believe we're incurring unrecoverable data loss.

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