[zeromq-dev] Multicast option available for windows

Biju Chandran chandran.biju007 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 09:29:20 CET 2011

    I want to develop an application for Windows in VC++ following the
PUB-SUB pattern. Basically the publisher will listen to the stock exchange
feed and do some aggregation and publish every tick. The Subscriber will
read the tick data and store it in a binary flat file.

Now one of the major requirement is to multicast in the local network or
using a forwarder.

But i am not very sure about the options available. I read about pgm and
epgm but there is some uncertainity of its availibility for Windows.
Multicast is the most critical feature and the technology decision solely
depends on that.
Please kindly throw some light as to how to go about with it.

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