[zeromq-dev] External Event Loop

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Jan 27 09:05:24 CET 2011


> What I have not done is try this with zmq<  2.1.0, or read the code for
> that.  (I've looked at the ZMQ_FD + ZMQ_EVENTS related code in the git
> version, and it all works like I would expect.)  Is ZMQ_FD even supposed
> to be used for external event loops pre-2.1.0?

No. There's no ZMQ_FD in pre-2.1.0 versions.

> (I'm confused because I've read the mongrel2 source code, and still
> don't really understand how Zed integrates ZMQ into his superpoll event
> loop.  But it works really well, so I'll assume that I'm missing some
> detail there.)

No idea. Maybe a dedicated thread that handles on 0mq sockets but no BSD 


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