[zeromq-dev] [PATCH] socket option ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL_MAX

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Jan 21 08:49:53 CET 2011

Hi Thijs,

> I've attached a patch to add the socket option ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL_MAX.
> Default value is the same as ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL, so the default
> behavior is unchanged. If you set a higher value, it will double the
> previous reconnect interval (starting with ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL) untill

The way how the default setting works is not backward compatible. Say 
someone used ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL to set the reconnection interval to 10ms.

With the patch what he would get is reconnection starting at 10ms and 
backing off up to 100ms.

I would suggest making default for ZMQ_RECONNECT_IVL_MAX zero, which 
would mean "do not apply backoff".

> ps. note that my patch also updated the documentation, but my
> documentation version is out-of-sync with the origin documentation. It
> probably needs to be merged manually.

Yes. There are discrepancies in the docs, The patch seems to remove some 
of the existing documentation.


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