[zeromq-dev] NewBie Question : Divide Conquer Example

kisalay kisalay at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 07:24:48 CET 2011


I have started playing with zmq and have some doubt regarding the PUSH-PULL
pattern illustrated by the ventilator, worker and sink example.

My question : "Is the s_send on the PUSH socket blocking ?"
I observed the following behavior in the Divide - Conquer example:

1. The call to s_send of Ventilator is blocking. The ventilator blocks till
there is atleast one worker.
2. My doubt stems from the fact that the s_send in the worker does NOT seem
to be blocking. Even if there is no sink process running, still the worker
seems to able to push the messages through its s_send.
3. I also observed that when sink comes up, it receives all the pending

Is there an anomaly in my observations ?

My other question is towards the HWM and SWAP:
Are these options applicable to PUSH-PULL sockets ?

Thanks in advance
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