[zeromq-dev] taskwork.cs

Michael Compton michael.compton at littleedge.co.uk
Sat Jan 15 15:40:00 CET 2011

In my opinion the format does not reflect how one would use them with C#
and clrzmq2, employing using blocks is more idiomatic C# code than
explicitly closing connections and terminating contexts.

I would personally rather they were kept as is, because it is the
intended usage pattern of the underlying API, and I feel they're are
reasonably reflective of the examples so as to not cause confusion. 

The underlying examples are written in C which does not have the high
level programming constructs available in most other languages. 


On Fri, 2011-01-14 at 13:53 -0600, Mike Sheridan wrote:
> I license this code under the MIT/X11 license.
> Also, I'm working on all of the samples -- the person that created
> them did not stick to the requested format and conditions, I'll be
> correcting these and submitting them as a patch.  Can I just do that
> using GIT and the GITHub repository?
> Cheers
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