[zeromq-dev] [ANN] erlzmq - Erlang bindings to ZeroMQ updated to support 2.1.0

chris csrl at gmx.com
Sat Jan 15 08:06:18 CET 2011

Serge Aleynikov <serge <at> aleynikov.org> writes:
> It would be helpful if folks using erlzmq in production (Michael Bridgen 
> with RabbitMQ, who else?) would run their projects against your changes 
> prior to merging them to the master brunch.
> I have some questions regarding your implementation that I'll comment in 
> the pull request log.

The fork isn't a drop in replacement, so will require updates to application 
code in order to use, hence the version bump to 0.2.  I'm interested in how it 
works out for people.  We are nearing production deployment with these bindings 

I've responded to your comments.



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