[zeromq-dev] Publisher side filtering... (draft II )

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Fri Jan 14 14:33:46 CET 2011

Hi Gerard,

> So, the idea is probably to wait a while to see if any problems pop up.

Yes. Let's wait for a few days at least.

> The remainder can be divided in two further steps:

> 1. The changes in the session only ensure that integrity is maintained
> after reconnects or disconnects. So the app writer doesn't
>      need to worry about re-issuing sub/unsub requests. The session in
> the socket will do that on behalf of the user. Since this touches
>      on the part of the session, I propose to do this last.
> 2. The xsub does not yet actually send the sub request upstream. So the
> second patch could be to ensure that forwarding will start to work.
>      This will then not handle disconnects/reconnects correctly as per
> 1. Also, the order in which subscribers issue socket/setsockopt/connect
>      commands has an impact on forwarding subscriptions or not. This is
> because sub requests prior to a socket connection will store the requests
>      in the session until a connection is available.

I would propose the following sequence of steps:

1. To actually send the subscriptions up the stream. I'm attaching a 
patch that attempts to do that. Peer review would be appreciated.

2. Implement re-sending of subscriptions in case of re-connect. Also 
post-hoc subscriptions (when actual connect happens after the 
subscription itself) etc.

3. Implement message filtering in XPUB socket, based on the 
subscriptions received.


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