[zeromq-dev] Tornado loops

Daniel Truemper truemped at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 12 14:53:15 CET 2011

Resend, because I was registered with @gmail.com and not @googlemail.com. Sorry for the spam!


This is my first post to this list since I only started working with it last week. So far I have to say it is mind-blowing! Thank you for this!

Currently I am using the Python binding and everything works quite nicely so far! When I read about Tornado's eventloop I liked it even more. Now my question: is there some way to use zmq with the 'original' eventloop? Or the other way round? Or should I simply start two different threads for the two eventloops?

The application I am currently writing should get some kind of API or even web interface and for this reason I would like to use Tornado (now that I am using its eventloop)!


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