[zeromq-dev] Understanding ØMQ PubSub Scaling

dave mankyd+zeromq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 22:30:59 CET 2011

Of course. At this point, however, my subscriber topology will be fairly
scattered. If I have 10 subscribers, they may very well be spread across 10
servers, so it is likely that every message will be sent to every server
anyways. I may look into something more sophisticated if/when it becomes an
issue, but I'm not at hundreds of servers yet :)

Back to my original question: It sounds like, with appropriate forwarders
set up, the machine-to-machine communication won't be much of a hurdle. On a
local machine, with ipc or inproc setup, can I expect a single publisher to
be able to quickly publish to 10k subscribers? Is it copying the data round
10k times, or is it doing something sneakier? Perhaps I am underestimating
it and it could easily handle a billion subscribers?

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