[zeromq-dev] zmq_term() blocks in 2.1

David Kantowitz dkantowitz at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 17:38:26 CET 2011


Thanks for the reply.  My difficulty is specifically these lines in
     if (no_sockets_notify)

        no_sockets_sync.wait ();

I'm using 0MQ with Matlab and the Matlab interactive loop is basically
single threaded, so function call that blocks will freeze the entire
environment.  For example, with the way 2.1 works now, if I type:

>> ctx = zmq.init;
>> s = zmq.socket(ctx, zmq.PUB);
>> zmq.term(ctx);
[[ matlab prompt is hung ]]

Now obviously I should have done a better job of cleaning up and closed the
open socket.  However things happen, especially when messing
around interactively with matlab.  It is not unusual for people to have a
Matlab shell open for days at a time, so getting hung and having to
terminate the Matlab process is very surprising and frustrating.

The change I made ctx::terminate() seemed simple.  Instead of calling
no_sockets_sync.wait() I set errno to EAGAIN and return -1.  (Actually it
was more complicated then that because I need to keep the logging socket
around until after I know all the other sockets are closed; and zmq_term()
needed a minor change too).

It seems like returning EAGAIN instead of calling wait() is no worse then
just calling wait() inside ctx::terminate().  The context still hasn't been
destroyed yet and all the blocked sockets have been interrupted.  I admit I
don't fully understand your previous arguments about why terminate needs to
block, so this non-blocking approach seems like a reasonable option for

Beyond that, an issue worth considering is adding a call to the ZMQ API for
context level options (ex. get/setctxopt).   That way, even if you never
agree that zmq_term() should have the option to behave the way I describe, I
can fairly easily add the behavior to my ZMQ build without breaking the
binary API at a function call level. If someone uses an official build of
ZMQ with my application I'll get an error back that the option I've
attempted to set on the context ("non-blocking term()") isn't valid and I
can then issue a helpful warning to the user.

Best regards,
David K.

On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 11:13 PM, Martin Sustrik <sustrik at 250bpm.com> wrote:

> David,
>  Thanks for pointing me back to the older discussions.  I read through
>> some of emails and I think what I want is somewhat simpler then the
>> issues discussed.  I don't care if messages are fully flushed at the
>> time zmq_term() returns, I just don't want zmq_term() to hang my main
>> thread.
> Simply change ZMQ_LINGER option to 0. That way the socket won't wait till
> all the data are flushed.
> Martin
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