[zeromq-dev] Need to PUB / REQ from multiple threads

Gaspard Bucher gaspard at teti.ch
Thu Jan 6 09:26:04 CET 2011

Hi list !

In the application I am using, I would like to create two globally available

1. "notification" (zmq.PUB) that can be used by any running thread without
prior setup to post messages. The notifications are sent out with the
zmq.PUB socket. I have a global mutex so it is guaranteed that not more then
one thread is accessing the "notification" system at the same time.

2. asynchronous "request" (zmq.REQ ?) or message posting to a connected
server from any thread

Is this supported with 2.1 ?

What prevents the calls from moving between threads, apart from
thread-safety (as I said, there is a global mutex) ?

My understanding is that to avoid moving socket calls between threads, I
would need to push/pull inproc sockets (one PUSH for every thread, one PULL
for the REQ/PUB sockets) but this seems like a waist of resources...

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