[zeromq-dev] (no subject)

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Sun Jan 2 12:30:33 CET 2011


> Well, that means that I must use XREQ/XREP instead of PUB/SUB.
> And does this mean, I should use PUB/SUB only where reliability is not needed?

PUB/SUB is inherently unreliable. The problem is that with fully 
reliable PUB/SUB one slow consumer can effectively bring the whole 
distribution tree to the halt.

If you are implementing an application that distributes data you should 
consider whether stopping the whole system because of a single 
slow/broken consumer is acceptable for you.

> And do you have any plans to change this? I mean implement another kind of
> pub/sub which will send acks. Or maybe graceful socket shutdown? (which I see
> preferred, because both ways will not work if there is a device in the middle
> and it crashes, but the latter will have less performance impact)

No such plans. Same reason as above.


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