[zeromq-dev] jzmq ZMQ.Socket unregister

Michael Kogan mkogan at semanticresearch.com
Fri Feb 25 22:03:07 CET 2011

I could be wrong, but it looks like index cannot change unless the socket is removed/unregistered.

On Feb 25, 2011, at 1:00 PM, Martin Sustrik wrote:

> On 02/25/2011 09:50 PM, Michael Kogan wrote:
>> Would it be a good idea for the Socket.unregister method to take an
>> index as well a a socket? Seems like we are wasting time running
>> through an array?
> I have no idea how the jzmq implementation looks like nowadays, but I 
> would guess that the index is not guaranteed to stay the same during the 
> whole lifetime of the socket in the Poller.
> Martin
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