[zeromq-dev] Use of the Zero-Copy Message Constructor?

Bob Beaty drbobbeaty at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 15:04:02 CET 2011

  I've been experimenting with the "zero copy" zmq::message_t constructor in C++ and I'm a little surprised that it's not properly respecting the 'size' parameter of the constructor.
  My original code, that works just fine, is:

    try {
      zmq::message_t  msg(aPayload.size());
      memcpy(msg.data(), aPayload.data(), aPayload.size());
    } catch (std::exception & e) {

where the 'aPayload' was a std::string with the contents of the message. Pretty simple.
  When I changed the code to:

    try {
      zmq::message_t  msg((void *)aPayload.data(),
                          aPayload.size(), recycle);
    } catch (std::exception & e) {

where 'aPayload' is still the std::string, and the function 'recycle' is just a static method on my class:

    static void recycle( void *data, void *hint );

and it all compiles and runs. So far so good.
  The receiver has some problems, however. I haven't changed the code there when I made this change, so it's fixed. But now when I receive the messages, I'm seeing that they are off by a byte or two - more or less, seemingly randomly. I include the expected message size in the message body as a check, which is how I know how big it's *supposed* to be.
  So the question is: Am I doing this right?
  If so, then what can I do to get the zero-copy working?
  For now, I've reverted to the first version and all is working just fine.

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