[zeromq-dev] zmq REQ to multiple REP sockets (Pieter Hintjens)

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Thu Feb 10 13:44:35 CET 2011

Thank you Pieter for your comments. I will report later how this goes. Classic client-server must be very common scenario and if we find well working design I think it would help others too.

If this is going to work the code will be running inside database server application. It must not crash ever so next I have to figure how to change all assert commands in zfl to return nicely and maybe report errors with inproc channel. I'm not expert in C, maybe this could be done with some macro?

> Well... ZFL is an APR-lite style library on top of 0MQ, these are two
> different projects and you seem to be confusing them.
> Apart from that, your design seems fine, though if it's your first 0MQ
> application, expect to throw it (the design) out and start again once
> you've learned more.
> -
> Pieter Hintjens
> iMatix

Pasi Mankinen
Manage Applications

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