[zeromq-dev] Daily builds update

Mikko Koppanen mikko.koppanen at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 14:52:20 CET 2011

On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 1:42 PM, gonzalo diethelm
<gonzalo.diethelm at dcv.cl> wrote:
> How is the build executed under Windows? I would expect everywhere else it is done via the typical "./configure; make". Does MSVC lend itself to this kind of automation?


the windows builds use MSBuild
for the Visual Studio builds. It's a command-line tool and fairly
painless to automate, especially when there is a Jenkins plugin
available for it.

> I have been thinking about changing the way jzmq (the 0MQ Java binding) is built, so it uses "ant" on every platform and we simply get rid of the MSVC project files; this is why I am trying to gather information before making a decision.

I would imagine that even when using Ant you would still need to have
the project files in order to build with MSVC. MinGW32 is a lot easier
because you can just reuse existing autoconf stuff.

Mikko Koppanen

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