[zeromq-dev] Ideas for GSoC

Martin Sustrik sustrik at 250bpm.com
Thu Feb 3 14:38:14 CET 2011

Hi all,

There was some discussion about allowing students to work on 0MQ via 
Google Summer of Code 2011. One of the things to be submitted with the 
application is a list of ideas for the work. Here are the few I came 
with. Please, do suggest more ideas...

Also, the application should specify mentor and backup mentor for the 
project. I can take the role of mentor. Any volunteers for being backup 
mentor on the list?

IPv6 support

Important for using 0MQ in WAN environment. The pool of IPv4 addresses 
have almost dried up so we are to expect increasingly more IPv6 
addresses in the network.


Using IOCP (completion ports) polling mechanism on Windows platforms 
would allow for using OS communication mechanisms with no POSIX APIs. 
For example, IPC on Windows is done via NamedPipes which are not POSIX 
compliant. Using IOCP would also speed up 0MQ on Windows platform.

TCP "subports"

0MQ uses different TCP ports to distinguish different message feeds. 
This may become a problem where there is a limited number of ports 
available. Specifically, you may want to use a single open port to pass 
all the traffic through corporate firewall. "subports" would be a 
mechanism to partition a single TCP port into lot of independent 
channels that could be used by 0MQ to pass different message feeds.


SCTP is widely implemented L4 protocol which has some considerable 
advantages over TCP (native heartbeat support, for example). It would be 
good to have SCTP as one of the transports supported by 0MQ.


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