[zeromq-dev] Introduction and Best Practices Question

Ian Barber ian.barber at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 11:33:56 CET 2011

> 1) The application would expose an XREP socket for clients to connect
> to. Additionally it would expose an inproc PUB socket for services
> running in background threads to connect to. Each service would set a
> filter on the subscription channel corresponding to the type of
> request it services.

If you don't need a reply, use a PULL socket. So your tasks would be pushed
to your broker, which would then distribute them. Regarding the inproc, the
PUB with service topics runs into problems if you want multiple workers
without an extra redestrib point. If you look at XREP you'll see that that
can route based on identities, so you could use that, or you could have
service workers register themselves with you - talk a look at the LRU
examples in the 0MQ guide - it would work like that but with the multiple
worker pools, 1 per service.

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