[zeromq-dev] PUB-SUB works, server restarts, PUB-SUB fails for existing workers.

alotsof alotsof at gmx.net
Thu Aug 25 20:24:46 CEST 2011


I have a server spawning a number of workers as needed, and passing them 
work orders:

	server:PUB1 -> SUB1:worker[1..n]

The workers send status/results back to the server:

	server:SUB2 <- PUB2:worker[1..n]

The transport is ipc in both cases, the platform Linux.

Everything works fine during testing. Where I have to kill the server, 
which is restarted by the process monitor.

Then server and workers can't talk to each other anymore. Workers 
spawned after the server's restart can communicate with the server.

This surprises me: until now, I always saw 0MQ reconnect when a process 
gets up again.

Does something break with the death and restart of the server? Any ideas 
I could try?

By the way, the 0MQ API offers not a single debugging function allowing 
me to check the status of the 0MQ sockets of the workers started before 
the server restart. Or did I miss it?


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