[zeromq-dev] Sockets, Threads and Pooling

Brad LaFountain blafountain at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 17:24:58 CEST 2011

I've been trying to find out if its okay to use a socket across different
threads. I understand that i can't use them at the same time
across different threads, but I would implement this using some sort of
connection pool. So a single socket would be used in a single thread at any
given time, but that socket would be used in multiple threads in its

Thread safety

A ØMQ *context* is thread safe and may be shared among as many application
threads as necessary, without any additional locking required on the part of
the caller.

Individual ØMQ *sockets* are *not* thread safe except in the case where full
memory barriers are issued when migrating a socket from one thread to
another. In practice this means applications can create a socket in one
thread with *zmq_socket()* and then pass it to a*newly created* thread as
part of thread initialization, for example via a structure passed as an
argument to *pthread_create()*.


>From this documentation it appears i'm not allowed to do this.

The problem is the data that i want to push out to a socket is being
executed in threads which i don't own.

void someCallbackInRandomThread(void *someData) {
  zmqconnection c = pool.requestConnection();



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