[zeromq-dev] Coordinating two different processes

Gary Davidson Gary.Davidson at interclick.com
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In C# (which I think you are using) collect the A socket messages in a blocking collection in one thread and then consume them on a second thread with the b socket.

The blocking collection is thread safe and you can think of it like a bridge when you have to process one message before sending another.

I am unaware of a similar structure in other languages just having played with them, but I have not looked yet either.

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I have a design question about how to best coordinate two different processes. Let's say I have two steams of data, Data Stream A which is pub-sub and Data Stream B which is request reply. Data Stream A contains updates to meta data that determines how Data Stream B should be processed. In certain cases, I need to ensure  that Data Stream A is received and processed before Data Stream B if Data Stream A was sent before B - otherwise Data Stream B might be processed incorrectly. Any ideas on how to best accomplish this?


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