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Matt Haberman mhaberman at msmnet.com
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So I am assuming that in general, the best practice for communicating with 0MQ via a multi-threaded application is to maintain a fixed number of sockets (perhaps equal to the CPU core count) instead of creating a socket for each thread? I am trying to maximize throughput.



1000 iterations creating and destroying 1000 sockets? Use Environment.ProcessorCount in your loop and send msgcount\ Environment.ProcessorCount messages in each task.

Alternatively you can use TPL Parallel.For.

To simulate load use the cloud. I had 5 clients sending to 1 server at 269K messages per second with the CPU  never exceeding 30% the network card was saturated though.

Even on my I7 laptop to my mac book I get excellent through put.

Currently you have thread context switching issues. You can verify this using performance counters if they will even load which I doubt.

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I am trying simulate load on a process created with 0MQ (CLZMQ2 binding) and have a question about when to create sockets. My application is listening for requests using an XREP socket. I wrote a little console app to simulate concurrent clients that looks like:

public class Client


    Context context;

    public Client()


        context = new Context(1);


    public void SendRequest()


        for (int i = 1; i <= 1000; i++)


            Task t = new Task(

                () =>


                    Socket r = context.Socket(SocketType.REQ);


                    r.Send("Hello", Encoding.Unicode);

                    string reply = r.Recv(Encoding.Unicode);

                    Console.WriteLine("Received reply {0}", reply);









Frequently, when i run the console app my entire machine freezes and is unresponsive. Is there something wrong with this approach?




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