[zeromq-dev] Problems configuring zeromq on Suse with libuuid in non-standard location

biederm at googlemail.com biederm at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 18 09:56:54 CEST 2011

Hello there,
I have a problem to run configure on a Suse system.
I don't have root access there, so I can not install uuid-dev to its default
So I build it in my home directory:


Now I tried various things with configure, e.g.:

./configure --prefix=/home/tom/libs/zeromq/

./configure --prefix=/home/tom/libs/zeromq/ LDFLAGS="${LDFLAGS}

./configure --prefix=/home/tom/libs/zeromq/

and always get the following:
configure: error: cannot link with -luuid, install uuid-dev.

Does anybody know how to make it work, without root access and uuid in a
non-standard directory?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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