[zeromq-dev] Delivering private messages to subscribed clients

Colgate, Gil gcolgate at ea.com
Thu Aug 11 19:02:14 CEST 2011

I am experiencing an assert waking up from sleep, on windows, which I thought was fixed in 2.1.7, which is why I upgraded to it.
But it still occurs. Tracing indicates our code does not deliberately call to reattach the pipes, but it occurs somehow in zeromq.

Does anyone know why?

void zmq::xrep_t::xattach_pipes (reader_t *inpipe_, writer_t *outpipe_,
    const blob_t &peer_identity_)
    if (outpipe_) {

        outpipe_->set_event_sink (this);

        //  TODO: What if new connection has same peer identity as the old one?
        outpipe_t outpipe = {outpipe_, true};
        bool ok = outpipes.insert (outpipes_t::value_type (
            peer_identity_, outpipe)).second;
        zmq_assert (ok);

        if (terminating) {
            register_term_acks (1);
            outpipe_->terminate ();

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