[zeromq-dev] Strange problem with lua-zmq on Windows

Chuck Remes cremes.devlist at mac.com
Wed Aug 10 22:33:35 CEST 2011

On Aug 10, 2011, at 2:25 PM, Ross Andrews wrote:
> 2. What is the error printed when they exit? Is it a 0mq assertion or a lua error? (Please include the exact error message.)
> Neither one; they don't exit. They just block forever after a while.

When I see this with REQ/REP sockets, it usually means something got into a bad state. It isn't obvious to me from your example code how that would happen.

>  3. What version of 0mq is in use?
> 2.0.10. I'm using the iamaleskey version of lua-zmq. Either of these can be upgraded if you think that's the problem (a new version of lua-zmq got announced this morning on the Lua list)

Definitely upgrade. There have been dozens and dozens of bugs fixed since 2.0.10.

> That would be cool, but it's the exact opposite of what the ZeroMQ guide says:
> "First, do not try to use the same socket from multiple threads. No, don't explain why you think this would be excellent fun, just please don't do it."

No, the guide is not saying the exact opposite. The guide is giving you a set of best practices which you should follow. It doesn't go into detail explaining how to use 0mq sockets safely between multiple threads because it is hard to get right and *usually* the need to do so indicates a design flaw (though it's not always a flaw).


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