[zeromq-dev] Strange problem with lua-zmq on Windows

Ross Andrews ross.andrews at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 21:25:20 CEST 2011

> Please provide a little more information.
> 1. Which program dies? The client, the server or both?

If you remove the outer loop in the client, and just run the client five or
six times instead, then it will still die. So I'm gonna say that it's the
server dying.

> 2. What is the error printed when they exit? Is it a 0mq assertion or a lua
> error? (Please include the exact error message.)

Neither one; they don't exit. They just block forever after a while.

> 3. What version of 0mq is in use?

2.0.10. I'm using the iamaleskey version of lua-zmq. Either of these can be
upgraded if you think that's the problem (a new version of lua-zmq got
announced this morning on the Lua list)

> 4. Can you reproduce the problem on linux or osx?

I don't have the ability to try right now; only have access to a Windows 7
machine. I'll post something about OSX later tonight or tomorrow if I
haven't found a solution then.

> BTW, you *can* share 0mq sockets amongst threads as long as only 1 thread
> is using a socket at any given time. So, for example, you could have a
> socket pool where each thread "checks out" a socket from the pool, uses it,
> and then checks it back in again.

That would be cool, but it's the exact opposite of what the ZeroMQ guide

"First, do not try to use the same socket from multiple threads. No, don't
explain why you think this would be excellent fun, just please don't do it."
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