[zeromq-dev] Strange problem with lua-zmq on Windows

Ross Andrews ross.andrews at gmail.com
Wed Aug 10 19:12:12 CEST 2011

I'm not sure if this is a Windows problem, a Lua problem, a ZeroMQ problem,
or a my-code problem, but after about three weeks I am finally able to
reproduce it in a small example so here goes.

Here's the server:

require 'zmq'

ctx = zmq.init(1)
socket = ctx:socket(zmq.REP)
socket:bind 'tcp://*:4568'
n = 0

while true do
   n = n + 1



And here's the client:

require 'zmq'

ctx = zmq.init(1)
k = 0

while k < 10 do
   local n, sockets = 0, {}

   while n < 50 do
      local socket = ctx:socket(zmq.REQ)
      table.insert(sockets, socket)
      n = n + 1

   for _, socket in ipairs(sockets) do

   k = k + 1


The idea is that I have a client that accepts requests, spawns threads (or
maybe uses a thread pool, either way I can't control it) to handle them.
"Handling them" consists of creating a REQ socket, sending a request to
another (single-threaded) thing to handle them and give a response back, and
then returning the response. I have to make a new socket each time because I
can't control which thread the requesting thing is on, and I can't share ZMQ
sockets across threads.

The problem is that this case thrashes and then eventually kills lua-zmq. It
should handle 500 messages here, actually it dies at an indeterminate point
between about 100 and about 400.

Can anyone give me a clue what's going on?
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